As one of my reference and head of Computer Engineering department Prof. Tuncay YİĞİT’s request , I organized a conference in Süleyman Demirel University in 24 May 2016 about Cyber Security. The subject of the conference was citizenship information that distributed internet by Anonymous and graphical programming of these data with an application . The University event held in the conference hall of engineering, was more involved than I expected. I organized an event that is quite useful to participants benefit. 

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Rather than tell the city, Im gonna talk about the good side because it is more efficient for students.So  "what can students do?" I will dwell on it.


Lots of activities for people who knows how to entertain;

Running to Egirdir for Drinking raki and  eating fish 's  pleasure is really different. (30 km)

You can go skiing in the ski center Davraz to lots of fun. (25 km)

Every students must experienced about that , Rent a car then escape to Antalya and sleep on the beach (1.5 hours) 

Not just Antalya. Everywhere is near Denizli, Muğla, Eskisehir 


34-year university and college staff are trained



University concerts, after Inna 's  concert she  told this was one of the most beautiful  5 concerts in my entire life on twitter, the atmosphere was impressive in Isparta..

Alexandra Stan came in the same year. Concerts and festivals are very satisfying.

 There are 75 thousand students on the university campus is the 6th largest campus in Turkey.

4. The largest university in terms of student numbers.

University is really good.Engineering department of SDÜ, certainly could have had students  in the first 10 thousand students of university exam , if located on the metropolises.

But the city and perhaps because of the mindset of local people is because of little low ranking university, the city is only losing.


Süleyman Demirel University is live , live for the living people ...

Published in Everything Else

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