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The miracle of the SSD

An excellent opportunity for who want to discover the potential of the computer, replacing hard disk with a new quick-tech . Not processor speed, not even number of cores or  memory ram .. Hard Drive is definitely for your daily work. HDD must be replaced by higher product which has more Read - Write speed .I bought Samsung MZ-7KE256BW with very low prices in Turkey for my computer. It took me 5 minutes to embed SATA 3 slots.  When my N56VM series Asus Laptop ( Windows 8.1 operating system ), coupled with this highest ranking SSD  the boot was opened in  4 seconds.The awesome speed .

 Reading - writing speed does not only pointed to the boot speed ; it's easily improve copying speed and time of opening of the program . Also it will touch on the benefits to ease your time and video card performance like the .




Mehmet Burak Akgün

My goal:I would like to be useful with putting my software skills, improving these .I wanna be a programmer in a company where I can emergence my talents also working freely and taking pleasure in business life, embark on success with my company and myself .

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