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It came out in 1990, now the world's most widely used programming language, JAVA!

What can be done with Java ?  It would be answered whatever except needs kernel right. Java can helps your enterprise software, web based content, games, mobile applications and their addition also Java is a standard for Android operating system. Java can be run on Mac OSX and Windows. 

The main characteristics of the Java Programming language

Java is stated on their site with the following statement:

·          Simple

·          Architectural structure is independent

·          Object Oriented

·          Portable

·          Distributed

·          It has high performance

·         Multiple jobs Capability

·          Robust 



  The sector need Android programmers, JSF who knows, JAVA SE when needed, even today some universities learning .net in order to get Microsoft support, C#, or even Bill Gates programming language . I do not understand why they are teaching Visual Basic.  They are disservice their image to universities and students.Today the Google is developing Drones Android based..Driverless cars work-based Android operating system.  Buttons on the Fridge and a digital display that works with Android!

There is another special feature is Java works project to works on independent platforms that JDK installed. One such operating system is not Windows as today if there is a software developing  , must In line with the requirements it is intended to reach different way to most people. This is why no longer we don't need the unpopular desktop applications. 






What you can do with Java should not be limited only with the Android and desktop applications. Java is a very open and constantly evolving technology. Another use of Java Web applications are Java-based.

In particular, JavaServer Faces JSF projects are coding with the support of special software office to resolve the needs of many companies.Having knowledge of Java programming will bring you one step ahead.



Mehmet Burak Akgün

My goal:I would like to be useful with putting my software skills, improving these .I wanna be a programmer in a company where I can emergence my talents also working freely and taking pleasure in business life, embark on success with my company and myself .

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