As one of my reference and head of Computer Engineering department Prof. Tuncay YİĞİT’s request , I organized a conference in Süleyman Demirel University in 24 May 2016 about Cyber Security. The subject of the conference was citizenship information that distributed internet by Anonymous and graphical programming of these data with an application . The University event held in the conference hall of engineering, was more involved than I expected. I organized an event that is quite useful to participants benefit. 

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This year 19.'s of the traditional programming contest is an algorithm development contest organized by METU Computer Society .

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Cyber Wars

25 Dec 2015

Cyber war, might bring down the economy,also can create energy problems.

iskorpitx name represents the unique and significant fighting force in this country. Those who close to the industry know how much big is his size. Apart from this,Turkey did not give enough attention to cyber crime.Cyber war has an important role in the 21st century will determine the fate of the people and the country.

This country is suffering from electricity, suffers from road but we developed a very good health system in Turkey. Taking a queue number , get a prescription questioning, other services that are really successful in the SGK website.Turkey managed to do this by creating these systems.

Although it was quite simple attack from Russia,METU did many mistakes from the beginning.If it was not a simple attack ,  wouldn't be attacked. Directly tü would be attacked.Think you go to hospital you will get  a queue number then you receive the error can not be accessed. Or you can not get your medicine from the pharmacy..

METU's doltishly solution was close the access to websites abroad. Is not that sad?  This is exactly , when the elevator breaks down in your apartment in the 4th floor  , The elevator repairman to come fix something but he saying like I was blocking the go to the 4th floor. Rector of Metu  remained  silent 11 days , then he made a statement in his own right but ,you can trick the man in the street with that unlucky statement.You can not receive the largest attack on the world by saying.. If you remember the hackers had immerse company Yahoo . We found a solution, we have successfully overcome up saying , we were upset once again.

The second episode of Attack,yeterday was made by anonymous.  Attack that affects almost all Turkey-based sites,especially banks seem to have targeted. Many banks web page has become inaccessible until the evening hours. In the evening, the situation has returned to normal.

When man on the street can not get medicine to her mother from the pharmacy , will understand how important Cyber Wars and will be requested to take the necessary steps to be technologically. 

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