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3D Printer?

Layered manufacturing (Additive Manufacturing) as adopted 3D printer technology is a tool that convert   3D objects on computers that are designed rapid prototyping you can into concrete terms. STL file save as 3D design, 3D reality is converted layers sent to the printer.

 What do you do with 3D printer?

Actually, 3D printer can produce everything that you draw in 3D. Professional machines only need to produce some designs.At this point, using FDM technology uses desktop 3D printer may not be enough for you. Furthermore, according to which items you want to print from the 3D printer varies.For example, from prosthetic hand production,3D printer used in the automotive industry, To produce chocolate , It is used in many different fields.

Which software do you recommend for someone who has no experience in the design?

Free beginner and one that is quite easy to design, object design can be produced with a 3D printer using the following programs.


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