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You can crypt your hidden text using the JSF application and application was developed using JSF , Primefaces , Glasshfish , Javascript technologies. You can write text in textarea or upload text file which you want to crypt .  

  This is a web application developed for users who want to secure way to encrypt , It is open to the development of different projects also can be used for different purposes .  This application is result of how to crypt texts with JSF for addicts. Crypt and Decrypt functions are ready for use . Offers upload & download ability .




 JavaServer Faces (JSF) language used , by clicking  (demo) you can redirect to demo page , The source code is available and can easily import to your IDE.  


$39 Click here to downloadSource Code



Mehmet Burak Akgün

My goal:I would like to be useful with putting my software skills, improving these .I wanna be a programmer in a company where I can emergence my talents also working freely and taking pleasure in business life, embark on success with my company and myself .

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