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Cyber Security Conference

31 May 2020


As one of my reference and head of Computer Engineering department Prof. Tuncay YİĞİT’s request , I organized a conference in Süleyman Demirel University in 24 May 2016 about Cyber Security. The subject of the conference was citizenship information that distributed internet by Anonymous and graphical programming of these data with an application . The University event held in the conference hall of engineering, was more involved than I expected. I organized an event that is quite useful to participants benefit. 

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METU Programming Contest Answers

31 May 2020

This year 19.'s of the traditional programming contest is an algorithm development contest organized by METU Computer Society .

You can display the contest question and my answers.






Latest News

31 May 2020




This application can help you to read news online by using JSF  and this JSF application was developed using JSF , Primefaces , Glasshfish technologies. By selecting provider from  list  that you want to read the news, you can view the news.

 You can view the latest breaking news on entire world with the redirect links and you can sort news , also you can download datatable as  PDF or XLS . All you can do that online with JSF .  You can choose from pick list of different news sources, and you can view on the Datatable . Sort and save functions are defined.




 JavaServer Faces (JSF) language used , by clicking (demo) you can redirect to demo page , The source code is available and can easily import to your IDE.     

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