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League of Legends : Android Meta Data - Class Constructor



This application can download latest data of the everyday updated League of Legends game  , there has been a grind for developers who want to stay current : )

When I need to access current data on my Android Applications , I'm using this constructor to create class with this desktop application.




League Of Legends of the game , the most current Champions names, pictures, individually designed layouts for Champions , class , stats, costs for champion, champions lores , skill informations ,  champion type ,  Class Constructors, Skin information, Champions Advice , current data that you need a lot created in  C: / Meta folder .

Champion of the generated classes are listed below as an example of the structure of Fragment, shown as an example above "" file can use by moving your Android project.

Java programming language used  , by downloading jar file(demo) you could try . The source code is available and can easily import to your IDE.


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Mehmet Burak Akgün

My goal:I would like to be useful with putting my software skills, improving these .I wanna be a programmer in a company where I can emergence my talents also working freely and taking pleasure in business life, embark on success with my company and myself .

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