We have already make Caps, in this application we will make video caps in your Android device. Also an ongoing project to develop and if you buy in order  to use for social media applications in the special web server , you need to make server settings.




I developed to make motion (video) Caps which selected from the gallery of videos or  taken from camera  . And you can give a lot of skills such  as share caps in application and this will become a social media applications, when combined with a web server . As you can see already the infrastructure is provided in source code. Video Caps can distribute upload and sharing, Video Caps are easily findable through search operations. Users upload videos anonymously.In a similar Instagram ; Turkish tradition humor culture that can be created Caps anonymously on Android Device , distributing process is carried out successfully by the application.




































Android programming language used  , by downloading apk file(demo) you could try . The source code is available and can easily import to your Android Studio IDE. 




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