Why do we need to process an image ? Question has two answers.

  • We need  beautification process with filters and morphological of the picture.
  • In order to use the image in accordance with different needs.

Big firms such as Google ,Instagram ,Facebook , devoloping applications for the beautification of people's images show that the market share of this technology is quite huge.These applications apply image processing algorithms. .They employ engineers for that. Each filter occurs as a result of labor.



Processing of image can be applied to numerous purposes.Programming images can facilitate human life according to the needs. Indeed determine the needs of the intended purpose of the processing.I gave a few examples.


All of this is how important image processing technology and shows us that we need to bring a better point for humanity .

This article  will give information about the functionality of the virtual server along with Virtualization Technologies.

Is your website's server response time  10 seconds ? You got cancer ? So you are in the right place.

Do you need a messaging server that uses the XMPP protocol server or radio server? Or you need to upload your Java applications to your web site? You are in the right place.

You need to use a virtual server.


  Let's go through examples. You have bought your php Linux hosting for your page. But there are 150 queries and 4.5 MB of data on your site and your site opened in 15 seconds.

I forget about it  also your admin panel opening in 15 seconds.See your website is actually the cause of open-source server slow, you feel the need to go to increase.

I work with a hosting company that I do not want to say the name says they are one of Turkey's largest domain and hosting company .Btw our messaging  was really sad.

This page were opened in 30 seconds.Their company who do not accept that their servers are inadequate and neglected .Also they did not accept the Server Service Problem. I was tired of call their office to say fix it , every day.  If you need a hosting I suggest  my own hosting company. I'm really pleased. If you check my site on who.is , you see which hosting companies I pointed to the nameserver.

So what should I change with my shared hosting package? Share , what does that mean?

Shared hosting packages are standard hosting package. Joomla - Windows - Wordpress - Linux as the name with an annual packages  are you can buy about 30-40 TL. Alright , where is done Sharing ; Friends hosting companies allocate a part of their server for hosting packages . For example, if your hosting package is connected to the server which promises 1000 MHz processor speed per core , and if the server is connected to 10 websites , The processor speed is shared within this website . If your server is heavily used on another website , your website is going to load very slowly.Even this is one example, although the logic is such that.If your hosting company's stuff know enough about virtualization technologies and some algorithms , they can bring to servers optimize levels.

Think Shared Servers as chain, if someone gets a DDOS attack, it's taken in the same way your website.For this, it becomes more secure virtual servers.New and expensive technology, but you must hire if you need more than a website.


What is the VDS, VPS? They are special servers using virtualization technology in different ways.

VPS  ie Shared dedicated servers , is running on physical hardware itself was created as sharing with other virtual servers , one system resource that is used by the server in need, These systems are thus able to create more virtual servers on fewer hardware. In this system, the virtual servers are managed independently, but they use the same resources used and can SWAP. When you don't use RAM allocated to be used by another server.

VDS ie Virtual Dedicated Server , The system of the virtual server is still built on a hardware infrastructure as aforesaid .The difference between VDS and VPS , VDS not to divide the resources on software, allocation is performed directly in hardware . So your ram can be used only by you. If you do not use the ram which has been allocated to you.Wait for you.

You can get the server without panel or including Plesk or Cpanel. Linux or Windows can be installed on your server. SSH or remote desktop connection, you can connect your server to install some components as needed.


An excellent opportunity for who want to discover the potential of the computer, replacing hard disk with a new quick-tech . Not processor speed, not even number of cores or  memory ram .. Hard Drive is definitely for your daily work. HDD must be replaced by higher product which has more Read - Write speed .I bought Samsung MZ-7KE256BW with very low prices in Turkey for my computer. It took me 5 minutes to embed SATA 3 slots.  When my N56VM series Asus Laptop ( Windows 8.1 operating system ), coupled with this highest ranking SSD  the boot was opened in  4 seconds.The awesome speed .

 Reading - writing speed does not only pointed to the boot speed ; it's easily improve copying speed and time of opening of the program . Also it will touch on the benefits to ease your time and video card performance like the .


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