Gosu Has Voice

19 Dec 2015
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I fondly watched talented League of Legends  player since season 3. We do not have the slightest knowledge about himself . Really who is "Hi  im Gosu".

Unlike other streamers, he never opened  camera and microphone at all broadcast time until yesterday .  He has shown thousands of people how to play Vayne .

He is streaming five days a week on Twitch.tv . And we understand that Gosu has voice :)

I have visited 10 capitals but I've never seen more beautiful than Copenhagen.Whatever you believe Best capital city in Europe . People trained, happy, tall, blonde. Many people says Danishes above average a lot, you know if you have research.


Copenhagens chirping streets, smiling people .. If I had one more chance though I definitely want to go somewhere in Copenhagen. My openion , the capital city should have a sea 



 Guys In the meantime, I want to open a little brain .

Leviathan , Represents law concept that absolute power gained by the state.

However, Leviathan is the water of devil in Islam , all of northerners who mingle with the sea being accepted by It is a divine .If you will explore in more depth  , You can see that it represents the god of the sea in the North folks.

Obviously city center scared me when I faced with the devil after landing and 30 minutes Metro ride in Copenhagen : )





First of all Inci Sözlük was  a platform which brazenly sharing Stoya's Gifs and absurd memes  also absurd swfs located on Turkey .Inci Sözlük had previously Reyizs on the past time . Current rookies do not know  much about Reyizs. 2009 - 2012 were the years in between, I think the quality is the highest in Inci Sözlük.The first 4 generations is very special.Because these people could chat with the notion and share some memories no matter what is the position and no matter where they are.Our administrator "Almighty oily Hair" (Serkan İnci) , when released Inci Sözlük in 2009 , İnci Sözlük was anti-capitalist and freedom lover.  In the beginning ,every fkn Ekşi Sözlük users laughing with the same way  ( like swh swh ) . Almighty oily Hair save us from swh swh. This was the reason for choosing a İnci Sözlük who like me.

İnci Sözlük which I met In 2011 has a lot of in my life.

Now that I see when I enter the İnci Sözlük

  • İnci Sözlük full of rookies, came eleventh generation to İnci Sözlük. (A generation increases in 6 months) I'm 4th generation user.
  • This site was so fond of freedom but they took a decision to lift the curse of this site, abusive nicknames have changed by force.



  I want to yell here until Serkan..


 When I visited the office of Almighty oily Hair, he sincerely told to me we had opened to the public to be there .I find him right. 




Overall every internet site is investment , and the owner manages. You can sell books, you can procreate the currency (İnci Coins).If you are not 100-200 members chat site and members do not provide monthly income you should do it . 


But still,refresh the page to listen the anthem of İnci Sözlük is hard to forget for me.


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