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10 Feb, 2016
    This application discovers Twitters and Instagrams  users who you already followed in despite of they are not following you. Java programming language used  , by downloading jar file(demo) you could try . The source code is available and can easily import to your IDE.        ...
25 Apr, 2016
      You can generate online Caps using the JSF application and application was developed using JSF , Primefaces , Glasshfish , Javascript technologies. Choose Caps  picture from your computer and leave the rest the JSF and JavaScript miracle .    Caps are available in social media as a ...
04 Mar, 2016
      This application creates memes also called as Caps and Displaying new Caps for Android Devices .You can make effected Caps and view the new caps.Google Search api set up ,  Admob and In app Billing integration has been made. Application has got Intro screen , about ...

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29 Apr, 2016
      This application can help you to read news online by using JSF  and this JSF application was developed using JSF , Primefaces , Glasshfish technologies. By selecting provider from  list  that you want to read the news, you can view the news.  You can view the latest breaking news on ...


Cyber war, might bring down the economy,also can create energy problems. iskorpitx name represents the unique and significant ... more
It came out in 1990, now the world's most widely used programming language, JAVA! What can be done with Java ?  It would be ... more
I have visited 10 capitals but I've never seen more beautiful than Copenhagen.Whatever you believe Best capital city in Europe . ... more
This article  will give information about the functionality of the virtual server along with Virtualization Technologies. Is ... more
 The most screen ravager serie , a masterpiece of copies have been published in many countries. There are many causes of Ezel's ... more

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